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Saturday, February 08, 2020


Xamarin forks and whatnots

Busy days in geewallet world! I just released version which brings some interesting fixes, but I wanted to talk about the internal work that had to be done for each of them, in case you're interested.
Last but not least, I wanted to mention something not strictly related to this new release. We got accepted in GNOME's gitlab, so now the canonical place to find our repository is here:


Technically speaking, this will allow us to drop GithubActions for our non-Linux CI lanes (we were already happy with our gitlab-ci recipes before we had to use GH! only limitation was that GitLab.com's free tier CI minutes for agents was Linux-only).

But in general we're just happy to be hosted by infrastructure from one of the most important opensource projects in the world. Special thanks go to Carlos Soriano and Andrea Veri for helping us with the migration.

PS: Apologies if the previous blogpost to this one shows up in planets again, as it might be a side-effect of updating its links to point to the new git repo!

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