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Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Version Tolerant Serialization with Mono

(Zoot Woman - Lonely By Your Syde)

During the last months I've kept working {with|on} Mono, but not working for Novell anymore.

Today I'm proud to blog about a bit of work I've done on Mono towards a better Binary Serialization experience:

On a totally unrelated note: kudos to the MonoDevelop team for making such a great releases lately (and fixing the bugs I report so promptly). I've been testing it the last months on Windows and I can say it's a great experience to see your favorite IDE working cross-platform and making you not depend on VS anymore if you need to work on Windows from time to time (I know the Express versions are free, and are great! but they do not support plugins :( ). BTW, I've been lately experimenting with the C language support in this IDE, and have had some problems, but the real culprit seems to lay behind some wierd behaviour of my gdb in opensuse. Taking advantage that I'm in opensuse planet, can I do a couple of lazyweb requests?:

a) If you're quite familiar with gdb, can you take a look at these 2 bugs in case it rings any bell for you? BNC#588175, BNC#459274

b) Can you try to reproduce those bugs in openSUSE 11.3? (I haven't migrated yet from 11.2 because I fear about the HALlessness of it :) )

PS: Wondered why the video on the top? Well, I like the trend that some people have about posting random photos in their blog posts even when they may be completely unrelated, but in my case I love music so I figured this would suit better. Of course I would rather embed a WebM video or, even better, something that can preview a song (without video) in a "normally-lower-quality-than-what-you-can-buy" way, so if you have any hints, those are welcome! I especially mention the latter in this case because the Album version of the song above is much much better (synth pop FTW!).

UPDATE 28-AUG-2012: Found a video-less alternative to youtube for embedding songs! It is GoEar.

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