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Monday, March 30, 2009


I14Y happens

Some years ago, I started to get familiarized with abbreviations like 'l10n', 'i18n' when I started contributing to the translation efforts of Mozilla & Firefox under the NAVE Project.

Some months later I came to know the new term 'a11y', and I started to see it in a lot of places. By that time, I only associated it with the web development world. Terms like "Unobstrusive JavaScript" were very related to it (and I even created an "AJAXy" library called AMUSE for this purpose).

Now let's talk about the next one: I14Y. This concept is present when things like this happen: "I can open an (Microsoft's)OpenXML file with some (Novell's) edition of (Sun's)OpenOffice". Or even more weird things: "I can manage my (Apple's)IPod thanks to a (Microsoft's).NET-powered application called (Novell's)Banshee". Or even more awesome ones: "I can use (Sun?'s)Orca screen reader to control my (Microsoft's)Windows.Forms-powered applications in my (Novell's)SUSE Linux Box!".

So, yeah, we made it! Along with the awesome releases of Mono 2.4 and MonoDevelop 2.0.

Now, guess what's the word?

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