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Sunday, May 08, 2011



The title of this post is the name of the GimpNet IRC channel that some people are recently using to talk about the .NET bindings of gtk+.

I had never seen this channel with people in it at all in the past. I guess the recent interest comes from the fact that gtk-sharp master is already targeting Gtk+ 3.x API and some people are starting to use it to port things.

One example is Hyena, the awesome library that Gnome projects F-Spot, Banshee and PdfMod use (am I missing some other?). I started the port some weeks ago and all I have received is positive feedback, encouragement, and also a lot of help! For example Olivier Dufour (which I guess he will be recently known as one of the superstars that brought DVD support to Banshee -- work finished but still unmerged) who helped with accessibility and warnings, and Mike Kestner (father/maintainer of all these GAPI-based *-sharp bindings) which helped reviewing my patches to the binding and fixing other issues I reported (and of course for making huge efforts, in the first place, to have the bindings ready for the 3.x cycle, with even some GObject-Introspection experimentation, which I guess is still in the early stages and not enabled yet).

Stay tuned for the progress! (as new contributors have expressed interest in helping out soon). Branches are being created so you can join the effort if you feel like (bugs in bugzilla too, to track what's pending).

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Is Hyena cross platform (win, mac, linux)? I can't find a single page describing it.
Hyena is used in Banshee which runs on all those platforms so the inference would be that it is indeed cross platform (which comes as no surprise given that it is managed C#).

I don't think much documentation exists.
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