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Monday, June 01, 2009


It's all about synchronization

It's been a while since I first blogged about iFolder. At that time it was a bit unstable and I didn't have a good experience overall with it. Unfortunately the development of new features stopped, but there were a lot of fixes to improve its stability, which made into the version 3.7. Unfortunately again, this version was not released on the open, but now Novell has rectified and iFolder is gaining momentum again (especially because it's the only really open source alternative to DropBox or UbuntuOne!).

Who could have imagined at that time, that 3 years later I would not only be working for Novell, but also be able to contribute to it at normal work hours! Yes, this is ITO, and our team spent a week hacking on other projects. In my case, I worked with the awesome guys Stephen Shaw and Mario Carrión. We managed to create an iFolder appliance for the server based on openSUSE 11.1, very easy to install thanks to SUSE Studio and to a new OBS repository where we packaged a preview of Mono 2.4.2 and some fixes needed to make it work.

We even created some demos! (Sorry for the quality of the sound, we had some problems when recording them)

The first one: setting up the appliance.
The second one: creating a user and using the Linux iFolder client.

Now, the next two videos are intended to show the second part of our work on that innovation week: new features.

The third one: automatic/immediate local detection of changes, server side trash can.
The fourth one: automatic/immediate remote synchronization of changes.

How cool is that? Unfortunately, the patches still need work and cleanup (help welcome!), but I plan to do it soon and/or on next hack week.

Before coming back to hacking on iFolder, I wanted to finish some stuff am working on for Banshee, which is also about synchronization! Look at this bug for more details. Yes! bidirectional Rating synchronization, not only from Banshee to the iPod but from the iPod to Banshee. The patch is working fine for me, be sure to give it a go and provide some feedback. Thanks!

Another thing I have on my TODO list is integrate some old mono-based GPL ed2k library into monsoon, now that it's getting MonoAddins support! (Lately there's been many people asking me for the source code.) And now that I talk about monotorrent, how cool would be to make iFolder work with this awesome library??

PS: Hello PlanetSUSE! First post. Hola Planeta GnomeHispano ;)

UPDATE Jun-08-2009: It seems someone wants to resurrect the lphant kernel as well, but using WPF! (WTF?): http://sourceforge.net/projects/hathi/.

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Is it possible (& reasonably simple) to write iFolder "server-side" plugins/providers in Mono?
It's possible, but I would say it's not simple yet. You would first need to adapt it to use MonoAddins I guess. But sounds very interesting.
I have looked at whole SF project page, and ifolder.com page, and didn't find a one important info - how to get the source code/repository checkout.
I only found .rpms in download, and I would like to try ifolder on debian machines.
Is the source code available somewhere, and I just missed the place? You say it's open source, so I assume it is ;)
silk: http://apps.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/ifolder3/index.php?title=Subversion_Instructions
When will the Virtual Appliance be available for download?
drkfiber: it's already. Sorry, forgot to publish the URL:


(It was published in Stephen's blog post already: http://www.decriptor.com/2009/05/22/ifolder-on-opensuse-11-1/ )

He's creating a new one this weekend (although with a new iFolder from SVN, which may be unstable).
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