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Monday, June 30, 2008


PreGuadecs events

Yes! I'm going to GuadecES this week and to GUADEC next week! I'll be giving one talk in both, talking about our Novell's accessibility project.

But this weekend has been not less exciting than Guadecs promise to be! I'm not used to blog about personal things but I can't resist to try to make someone laugh a bit!

Firstly, on Saturday I went to Rock In Rio festival in Madrid. Many concerts, specially I liked Mando Diao and Carlinhos Brown. Here I'm in the place where Mando Diao played:

It's amazing how big this "Rock City" is. It's like being in a recreational park, but with many scenarios for concerts.

The band El Canto del Loco also played but I didn't like them very much. Also, guess who was playing when I fell asleep:

Tokio Hotel! I didn't know this band but actually had already heard their most famous song, which happens to have the same name of a program that I'm using very much lately: Monsoon. That song is not that bad but they had to play it the last one in order to prevent the people from fleeding in the first run. The band leader is actually a kind of vain awful transvestite!:

Now a cronicle about sunday: although I used to be a member of the Leo Bassi's AntiFootball League (I may be the only spaniard that doesn't like soccer) I went to see the Spain VS Germany match with some friends. Anyways, what I like about soccer is when you really feel you belong to a team, not in the case of those football clubs that play in the Spanish league: if I ever encourage Real Madrid to win a day in my life, that day will be a day in which there are only Madrid-born players in the team, not others (of course this hasn't got anything to do with racism, it's just that I think the competition is more interesting this way, and also because I'm not interested in players being bought and sold by astronomic quantities...). Well, in case you don't know, we won, and we went to the center of Madrid to celebrate it. Since I haven't got any rojigualda flag (just republicans) or red t-shirts, I had to mix with the people like if I was an orange dutch!:

To finish the post, I just want to give a link to a very special song that I've come to know recently (I can't stop playing it!):

CatPeople - Behind

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I'm going to GUADEC too. Hope to see you there.
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