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Saturday, September 03, 2005


AMUSE: Ajax-based Module Unobstrusive System for EcmaScript

Acabo de publicar mi nuevo proyecto GPL, que tiene el nombre de AMUSE: Ajax-based Module Unobstrusive System for EcmaScript.

Es un sistema de librerías y módulos que permite modularizar más fácilmente las funcionalidades que se desarrollan en las aplicaciones web. Ya de paso aprovecho para probar Berlios (ya tenía experiencia con SourceForge.net), que dispone de servicio de Subversion (SVN) además de CVS.

Dejaré aquí la descripción, en inglés, que puse al dar de alta el proyecto (daré más detalles cuando introduzca el código en el repositorio):

My project consists of one javascript file that will provide a consistent way of making javascript (ecmascript) features unobstrusively. This will make easy the task of deciding to include or not include features in web applications, instead of doing it the old way (adding <script> tags, initializating variables, etc.).

Refer to this URL for the meaning and tutorials of the term "Unobstrusive Javascript":


The features provided by ecmascript code will be available through two types of files: library files and module files. Library files will provide some API (functions, constants, variables) to use in other libraries/modules. However, modules will be able to access the current webpage to modify its behaviour, using external libraries and/or resources, such as CSS or XML files.

I have developed some example libraries and modules that I would like also to host on this project page, as an example. I will license them with the same license as the project (GPL). The names of some of them are:

Libraries: ArraysAdvanced.js, CrossBrowser.js, CssHandling.js, Debug.js, FormValidation.js, FunctionForEvent.js, ...

Modules: AccessiblePopups.js, DisableAtSubmit.js, IntroEnhancements.js, OnlyScriptElements.js, PreContent.js, PrintLink.js, ...

The system also comes with the feature of automatic detection of redundant dependencies, which will provide a similar function in javascript than the PHP function "require_once".

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